How To: Bathroom Cleaning Made Super Fast and Easy

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Okay, admit it: bathroom cleaning is one of your least favorite activities–ever! But no one feels good when the bathroom isn’t sparkling clean. But with a few simple tips in mind, you can clean your bathroom faster and easier than you ever thought possible.


If your bathroom hasn’t had a really good cleaning in, oh, I don’t know, maybe, months? Or longer? Then if at all possible call in the professional cleanersfor a one time cleaning. Once everything is up to code, it will be so much easier for you to simply maintain–especially if you follow our guidelines.


  • Remove throw rugs. Vacuum or shake them outside later.

  • Run 2-3 inches of steaming hot water in the tub, close the door or curtain. The heat will double the effectiveness of your cleaning agent. If the tile needs extra attention, throw some hot water on that area as well.

  • Put a round toilet brush in the throat of the toilet, flush. Now that the toilet is empty, spray toilet with your cleaner of choice being sure to get under the rim.

  • Spray tub and tile–as necessary. Now, as you do other things, you’re going to let your product work for you. Let it set up for as long as 10-15 minutes. Never work harder than you have to!! And be sure you have adequate ventilation–an open window and/or the fan turned on.

  • Take a wipe, several tissues or a damp paper towel and wipe the hair off the top of the vanity. (You don’t want to get on cleaning cloth).

  • Lightly spray the mirror, fixtures and vanity with glass cleaner.

  • Wipe mirror until absolutely dry checking from an angle so there are no streaks. Wipe the vanity moving things as necessary.

  • Put a couple of dampened paper towels on the floor. Now just use your foot to wipe around the vanity and anywhere else hair accumulates.

  • Go back and wipe down all surfaces of toilet, shower and tub using a new cleaning cloth as soon as one is soiled. Professional housekeepers may go through 2-3 dozen cleaning cloths for one housecleaning. Great timesaver!!

  • Now thoroughly rinse the tub and tile. (A half gallon milk container works great). You see, the chemicals in cleansers are designed to attract soil and particles, so if you don’t rinse you’ll just have more dirt to contend with next time. Arghhhhh!

  • On your way around the room, wipe toilet paper holder, towel racks, refold towels, dust pictures, shelves, etc. check for fingerprints–especially on the back of the door and light switch plate.

  • Wash the floor and you’re done! (Put the rug(s) back when floor is dry).

    Now, let’s be honest, that wasn’t so bad was it? And if you didn’t have to do the tub and shower, it’d be a breeze. Read our next post to find out how!

    Your comments? Suggestions? Tips? Please share!!

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    1. Betty said,

      Do you all ever use steam or steam mops to steam clean and do they sanitize or sterilize well?

      • cleaningproz said,

        Steam cleaners are won-der-ful! Yes, they both clean and sanitize! And it’s the quickest way imaginable to clean a floor. Watch this site for a review of the best steam cleaners on the market or go to Clean Sweep Picks, our little online store for lots of valuable information.

    2. Sue said,

      Two things made my red flag go up. 1. Please use ventilation when using cleaners – healthy lungs are important too. 2. If you are cleaning mirrors with a glass cleaner while waiting for the other cleaner to work on the tub etc., make sure the two cleaners don’t react with each other, like ammonia in the glass cleaner and bleach in the other. It can be lethal.

      • cleaningproz said,

        Thank you for you comments. I completely forgot to touch on the ventilation issue and have edited the post accordingly! As to the mixing of chemicals, notice we suggest using glass cleaner not just on the mirror but the sink, fixtures and vanity as well. Easy and safe!

    3. David said,

      Can you give some tips for cleaning marble surfaces in my house?

      • cleaningproz said,

        Actually, we have 5 posts dedicated to cleaning and caring for marble surfaces. Look under the How To section to find them. I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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    6. Really good information to share with peoples .This information helps a lot.Especially info about tiles.Thanks a lot.

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