How to Get Grease Spots Off the Walls and Keep Them Off

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You cannot call your house clean if you have grease splatter spots on the wall behind the stove. They look ugly and after awhile the accumulated grease gets rancid so that your house doesn’t smell so good.  So let’s get to it.

Put a little dish soap on a Dobie’ or other “scrubby” pad safe for non-stick surfaces, and gently rub the spots.  (Be sure to test it in an inconspicuous area first).

 If that doesn’t work, take it up a notch and use an all-purpose cleaner such as 409 on the scrubby pad.

And if the spots are still there, don’t scrub harder, use a more powerful cleaning agent like Dow Bathroom Cleaner (with the famous scrubbing bubbles) and then rinse the area with hot water.

After the area is clean, apply a generous coat of paste wax. Subsequent spots can then be removed with a dry paper towel.  Reapply paste wax as necessary.

Now, that’s pretty easy.  Housekeeping doesn’t have to be hard.

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  2. Richie said,

    Sounds like good information to me. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Grease spots on the wall is the worst that could happen. Great article though, and the blog is pretty good.
    carpet cleaning

  4. The steps you posted for grease spots removal is simple to follow and very effective! I’m so glad it includes no scratching and repainting.

  5. Thanks for your blog. I have learned many things from here. This was really a very useful post. Although I generally use service from a company, tips like this is very useful. Thank you again.

  6. I had read your blog it is very informative and nice.i got a lot of information about cleaning.Thanks for sharing this nice blog.

  7. Wendy said,

    What is paste wax and where does one buy it??

    • cleaningproz said,

      Paste wax is a heavy wax that comes in a can. You can buy it at any hardware or auto supply store. It sells for about $7.00 a can.

  8. Jay Bee said,

    I have used a product called “awesome” many times to get almost any spot out of carpet. You can buy this at your local dollar tree.. Yep cheap remedy

  9. When cooking, the sink or areas near the stove are not the only ones prone to grease. Walls also need to be check for cooking oil stains. Without proper care, grease can accumulated on walls, the sink and drainage pipes and this can cause clogging. Thank you for sharing such helpful tips.

  10. Bill said,

    I will use a degreaser on grease spots. Sometimes I will also use Enzall on the tough ones.

  11. I have tried to get rid of the grease marks behind the stove but to no avail. Thanks for sharing this helpful information, I can now get rid of them.

  12. Audra said,

    Completely agree, those grease spots are a lot of hassle.

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