How To Prevent Mold, Mildew and Soap Scum From Ever Coming Back

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So you’ve done all the really hard and nasty work of removing all those growing, spreading things in your shower: the soap scum (ugh!) and the mildew (double ugh!!), and frankly, you’d be perfectly happy not to ever do it again. Right? Well, it’s not only possible to banish those enemies forever, but it’s actually easy to prevent mildew and soap scum from every coming back.

The easiest method is, of course, to hire a housekeeper–that would surely be our suggestion–but there are DIY methods that are almost as easy. Read on.

Preventing Mildew

Mildew is a pink, brown or black mold that grows in any dark, warm, moist environment. So how do we prevent it? By making our bathroom a light, cool, dry environment!

  • Leave your bathroom lights on before, during and after you take a shower or bath.
  • Turn on the fan, open a window so the air circulates.
  • Keep the bathroom as dry as possible.
  • Do a wipe down of the tile with a squeegee, chamois or microfiber cloth.
  • Open the shower door or spread the shower curtain out over the shower rod. (If you have a shower curtain that is already stained with mildew, replace it with a mildew resistant one. They really do work!)
  • Spread towels out to dry; pick up any clothing from the floor.

Preventing Soap Scum

The easiest way to prevent soap scum is to stop using soap!

  • Start using a shower gel or liquid body wash instead of bar soap.
  • If you can’t give up the bar, switch to Zest (I read it’s the only bar soap the Navy allows, so that should give us a hint) or try Dove which also advertises no soap scum.
  • There are literally dozens of daily shower cleaning sprays available. Our favorite is Method since is non-toxic, biodegradable and it works as well as the chemical-based cleaners. Arm and Hammer also makes an excellent product. All you need to do is spray the entire shower area while it’s still wet. You can spray the shower curtain or door as well. If you do this consistently (and, really, is it so hard?) your mildew and soap scum will be gone forever. You can also find recipes online to make your own shower cleaning spray.
  • Don’t want to use a commercial shower cleaning spray? You’ll find recipes online to make your own.
  • But if even that is too much trouble or you’re likely to forget, try the ultimate is self-cleaning showers: Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner. Just press a button and walk away. It cleans every nook and cranny except the floor (it would make it too slippery). Now that’s the next-best-thing to maid service!
  • Preventing the Ring Around the Tub

    • If your water is fairly soft, all you may need to do is run a scrubby pad around the ring area as the water is draining. Kids love to do this.
    • For harder water, sprinkle a little Epsom salts (available at your pharmacy) or Calgon Water Softener. Many bubble baths also eliminate bath tub ring.
    • And as above, you can change your brand of bar soap or use a liquid body wash.

    There are plenty of other ways to prevent mildew and soap scum from coming back. What’s worked for you? What comments and or questions do you have. Please share.


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