Deodorize, Prevent Mildew, Absorb Grease and More–With Kitty Litter??

Yep, it’s true! Deodorize the ‘fridge with an open container of kitty litter. Place a sprinkle or two at the bottom of the garbage and/or diaper pail. Put kitty litter into a couple of knee-high nylon stockings, tie a knot in the stockings and place in your shoes to absorb any perspiration and make them smell nice and fresh.  Works in a laundry hamper too–especially if wet clothes or towels seem to mysteriously find their way in there.

Prevent mildew by placing an open container of kitty litter in a bathroom or closet. And make sure your camping gear is mildew free next summer, include a few socks of litter in the tent before stowing it for the winter.

A ten pound bag of kitty litter will absorb up to a gallon of oil, gasoline or paint. You just never know when this tip might come in handy.  😉  But an extension of this tip is: add a layer of litter at the bottom of your grill to prevent grease fires. (No more charcoal chicken).

And one last, totally random tip: pour litter down a mole hole to encourage those furry little destroyers to go elsewhere! It’s a kinder, gentler solution to a very annoying problem!  Kind of an outdoor housekeeping tip ;-).

Comments? Suggestions? Additional tips? We love your feedback!! 

12 thoughts on “Deodorize, Prevent Mildew, Absorb Grease and More–With Kitty Litter??

  1. Both baking soda & kitty litter cure a multitude of sins. Great suggestions! One more about kitty litter when winter arrives…Carrying a couple of 10-lb bags in the trunk of your car will lessen the chances of the back end of the car ‘fish-tailing’ on icy streets. And if you come to a spot that’s impassable because of ice, get one of the bags out and sprinkle on the ice patch, then tread cautiously on thin ice.

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