Speed Cleaning Tips: Faster and Easier House Cleaning

The following tips are primarily for those of us who do not have professional housekeeping help. If you do have outside help, we recommend that you refer to our post – “Speed Cleaning Tips: Cleaning in Between Housekeeper Visits

Our housekeepers recommend that you commit these principals to memory, practice them. Once mastered, you will be amazed at your proficiency and efficiency. You are sure to dazzle and amaze your friends and your family.

Anyone, yes, anyone can master these fundamentals. Try them. Adapt them. You’ll see a difference.

  • Work in orderly manner. You’ll accomplish far more in less time if you train yourself to work from left to right and top to bottom all the way around the room.
  • Keep your supplies close. Take out the ones that you will need for a particular room, and put them in a caddy to take with you – this will be a major time saver.
  • “If it ain’t dirty, don’t clean it” Unless you’re a real cleaning fanatic, or have lots of extra time on your hands. You don’t need to clean everything, every week.
  • Keep cleaning products to a bare minimum. Look for products that can be used on a variety of surfaces such as multi-surface cleaner that can be used virtually everything – including glass. In addition, dish soap and warm water can clean everything from counters to floors. And lastly, good microfiber cleaning cloths can clean most anything with just a little water.
  • Don’t Scrub. Let your cleaning products work for you – spray and let it set up, then wipe it down. The dirtier the surface, the longer you need to let your cleaning product sit. So, spray the tub clean the rest of the bathroom and then go back and clean the tub.
  • Read and follow the directions. Every time.

Sometimes, even the smallest changes will pay off Remember, every step pays off in greater speed and less fatigue.

But always remember – a super clean “you-can-eat-off-the-floor” house is NOT the most important thing in life.


6 thoughts on “Speed Cleaning Tips: Faster and Easier House Cleaning

  1. These are amazing tips. I especially love the “if it ain’t dirty, don’t clean it” tip. Although I’d love to have a house with super clean “you-can-eat-off-every-surface”, it’s just not practical with kids and pets around.

    1. Hi Lindsay, thank you so much for you contributions. We agree, living in the moment and enjoying your time with you children and pets is much more important than having floors you can eat off of! These tips make our lives easier – we’re glad they’re helping you too!

  2. “Maintenance is the key,” says Kimberly Beyer, a professional organizer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. “If you clean as you go along, you won’t end up with an overwhelming cleaning job at the end of the week.”

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