Christmas Preparations

Christmas Blog Post

I don’t know about you, but the holidays always sneak up on me every year. No matter how early, or how late I start, there is always someone that I forgot to buy a gift for, or in making my grocery list – there is something that I left off. Can you identify with my angst?

So. after Christmas last year – I made a list of everything that I needed to remember for Christmas this year. It has made such a difference in how I approach the Holiday season, so I thought that I would share it with you.

  1. Who do I need to buy gifts for outside of my family (gardener, teachers, friends, co-workers, etc.)?
  2. Do I need to restock any gift supplies (tissue paper, ribbon, wrapping paper, gift bags)?
  3. Do I need to buy anything to decorate the house with for next year?
  4. Did I run out of something I need to replace?
  5. Are there appointments I need to make? Like getting your housecleaned for instance…
  6. What worked or didn’t work this year that I would like to do better next year?
  7. Did I come across any decorating or food ideas that I would like to try next year? (Write them down before you forget!)
  8. Are there any gift ideas that I want to remember for next year?

Now, the most important step: record your answers, ideas, etc and put them somewhere safe! So that when next year comes around, you will be a pro. I think that these tips are rather useful and may I be the first to wish you Happy Holidays, 2015!

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