When it doubt, Zen it out!


As the summer is approaching rapidly, we all get swept away with vacations, managing busy schedules, and taking children to and from activities. Here are some tips to keep up with self-love and self-care.

  1. Do one thing at a time – during these busy months, it is easy to get carried away, but it is essential to take things one day at a time in order to avoid overwhelming yourself
  2. Do it slowly and deliberately – “say what you mean, mean what you say” this should apply to every part of your life, try and catch yourself when you find that you’re doing things without a purpose
  3. Do it completely – don’t leave things unfinished, because they can turn into a burden and eventually, your life will end up consumed by the things that you left unfinished
  4. Do less – in order to stay sane, only take on what you can chew. Simply because you can do something, doesn’t mean that you should do it.
  5. Make space – as the saying goes, “cluttered house, cluttered life”, start picking out the necessities and don’t worry about the rest
  6. Smile – it’s scientifically proven that when you smile, you automatically feel happier, and healthier too!
  7. Make cleaning and cooking a time for meditation – these everyday tasks may seem like a chore, but use the time to enjoy yourself and to be alone with your thoughts

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