(Almost) Instant Bedroom Cleaning Tips

The one overarching, guiding principle in making quick work of housekeeping is this:  Neatness Counts! Neat and not-so-clean beats clean and not-so-neat every time. Even our housekeepers have been fooled by a neat house that looks clean even though layers of dirt may be hiding most everywhere! So pick up. Hang up. Straighten. De-clutter. You’ll be well on your way to a great looking house.

  • Make your bed. Always. Every day.  It’ll only take a minute (literally) and makes you feel so much better about your house and yourself.
  • Put dirty clothes in the hamper. Don’t even think about throwing them on the floor! Ever.
  • Spend 30 seconds hanging up anything you’ve worn that day that’s good for another wearing. Your bedroom will look better and your clothes won’t be so wrinkled.
  • Empty the wastebasket. Fold a bunch of fresth trash liners and place them in the bottom of the receptacle to make quick work of this task next time.  By the way, an open top wastebasket is said to be bad feng shui.  If you can’t hide the wastebasket, check out one of those cute bullet shaped ones from Umbra on www.Amazon.com. They have a swing top and come in several fun colors.
  • Clear the top of your dresser. Use a basket or designate the top dresser drawer to stash clutter.

Each of these tasks take a minute or less, but oh, what a difference they make. Try it.

122 thoughts on “(Almost) Instant Bedroom Cleaning Tips

  1. Bedroom carpet stains also need instant cleaning, actually immediately cleaning especially coloured liquids. Because it will be harder to clean after dried up and the stains entangled with fibre.

    There are many different methods and chemicals. But most households can have green cleaning materials around. Simply mixing baking soda with water or vinegar to create consistent paste. After whipe off the stained area, apply the paste on the remain stain and wait for about 3 minutes. Can even brush gently during waiting. Then use slight wet cloth the tap off the paste and the stain will soak up with it. Repeat the process if needed. This not toxic to have contact with backing soda and vinegar.

  2. The bed room is the place where you can have a rest. It should be clean as always. Since I am starting to work as a domestic cleaner, this tips will help clean the bedroom.


  3. Nice review for house cleaning, I think that by taking the help of professional cleaners you can get the best services for making your cleaning more successful.

  4. Agreed, above tips are really good and helpful. Bedroom is something which easily get dirty, everyone need to clean his/her bedroom everyday. I think just making bed everyday and putting/hanging cloths at right place will create a huge difference.

  5. Ha ha, my bother’s is neat and not so clean and mine is the opposite but his always looks better! I don’t make the bed though because (i know this is a bit yucky) you lose a lot of sweat when you sleep and it’s best to let your bed air for a bit before you make it otherwise you get more bed bugs from the dust and moistness from the sweat. Euugghh!

  6. You have so great tips for keeping the bedroom clean if only some of my clients followed them it would make my life a bit easier.. great blog keep up the good work

  7. Very Insightful, It’s a really basic thing to mention but in the summer ( finally we are experiencing it) Just jump up and get the window open. Natural sunlight and a good bit of fresh air can inspire anyone to get their bedroom, and house for that matter in order. I’ll be taking the time to stop and read your articles again very soon! Your simple bedroom cleaning routine can inspire even the lazy among us to keep a clean home. Thanks very much

  8. Good stuff!! I can’t designate a drawer for clutter though. I know myself better than that! First it would be a drawer and then it would take over my dresser then it would be spilling out into the living room. I actually use a lot of shelves because it forces me to put things away or be shamed when someone comes in to my living space (no hiding in shelves).

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  9. It’s an interesting point about not throwing clothes on the floor, if you don’t allow a build up, there never will be one! I know it sounds really simple but if we are honest, its very easy to just forget simple rules like that, allowing our bedroom to end up untidy. Your simple rules should save homes time in the long run, as we all know maintenance is far easier than deep cleaning!

  10. Thanks for sharing those instant bedroom cleaning tips. The bedroom a is a very special place as you spend nearly half of you life in bed. So it is important to keep it clean for easier relaxation.

  11. You have mentioned some nice tips about instant bedroom cleaning on this post. I just like all these tips and just want to add some more like: Just check that if there are some insects or pests in bedroom if yes then treat them well before going for bed. Its necessary that you should apply pest control spray at least before an hour of sleeping.

  12. Thats great! Nice cleaning tips shared! I like my bedroom to be always clean and tidy..But today most people are busy in their tight schedule and not getting time to keep their house clean.Hiring a house cleaner is a good solution to this problem.

  13. Clean bed is step to clean and sweet dreams and everyone should learn the tips to clean the bed, so when next time you laid to sleep don’t forget to clean your bed first, Not only bed instead try to clean whole your bed room for better sleep.

  14. The home cleaning is something that I am realizing I need. I’m looking at my living room right now and it is a wreck. In Portland, OR, there are some great companies that do this.

  15. You are correct that making the bed is key. When the bed is made and the rest of the room is a wreck it’ll nag at you until you get the rest done! And then as your bedroom gets tidied and the rest of the house is a wreck THAT will nag at you and pretty soon the whole house is clean!

  16. Common sense really, but most people don’t do these things. But I suppose that’s why I have work. If everyone kept their place immaculate, they wouldn’t need me. 🙂

  17. Fantastic blog – I’m always preaching about clearing thing away as you go. Why do people create a huge mess then clean it up once a week – it just makes you feel like giving up because there’s to much to do! Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today is my motto.

  18. You actually motivated me to start making my bed; I have sort of stopped doing it altogether for a few years now, will be fun to get back to doing it.

    Too bad you don’t update the blog anymore by the way 😦

  19. Very true tips 🙂 It’s amazing how quickly a room can become a mess if you leave your clothes out and don’t hang them or throw them into the hamper.

  20. I keep decorative bowls on the dresser for jewelry, loose change, movie stubs, and other small things that can clutter up the surface.

    Also, having hangers of all the same color and type (plastic, wood, etc.) make your bedroom closet look so much more organized.

  21. Thanks for these tips!

    I agree with the philosophy of keeping things in the moment. Keeping things current for me means extending that to cleaning and tidying household items as they need doing there and then. That way things don’t have to accumulate. It keeps things energised and feels uplifting.

  22. But sometimes it’s impossible not to throw clothes on the floor in the evening when you are tired… Although I always make my bed in the morning:)

  23. Right, so right. Usually very easy to forget under the beds. Of course experts always remember this but how about the normal people.

  24. Short and handy ! Or if you’re still lazy after reading those great instant-house-cleaning tips, and if you still don’t want to hire a professional company from across town for a 30min job, then hire a neighbour to do it for you ! Check this out http://www.kudop.com

  25. Each of these tasks take a minute or less, but oh, what a difference they make. Try it. Really make big change ………

    I have another word, your writing style is great. I will flow it. 🙂

  26. I agree with the other comments regarding carpet cleaning in the bedroom. Hover properly every day. This is especially true if you have children who are asthmatic.

  27. I would say, stop being lazy and fix a place for every mess. Nothing can be more irritating than a disoriented bedroom. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips, I am sure they will be a great help 🙂

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